Digital Handover Management™

Solve the continuous handover and integration problem of O&M information silos!

The Digital Handover Management™ platform transforms incoming information into knowledge, aligning data strategy with O&M business goals. It automates the process of integrating infrastructure handovers into operations, enabling collaborative handover between O&M Information Silos, standardizing Data and Document sharing between existing solutions.

Utilize Agile Handover’s Digital Handover Management™ Platform to:

  Optimize the handover of knowledge from projects to operations.
  Enable rapid migration from legacy data/doc systems.
  Establish relationships between operational data/doc silos.

Helping organizations realize their Asset Digitization strategy, embark on their Digital Twin journey, and realize their Master Data Management vision with Digital Handover Management™

"Integrated Handover Repository will mitigate data loss in construction handover, save time and reduce costs – benefits that all amount to the delivery of a higher quality handover for owners." - partner network representative

Digital Handover Management™ Platform increases the quality of data, ensuring infrastructure data compliance and integrity by enabling best practices to efficiently cleanse and standardize data from all sources, helping customers take advantage of data gravity.

    Analyze handover for consistency and completeness
    Manage the continuous knowledge change lifecycle
    Maintain O&M Data integrity, accessibility, and connectivity

Continuously Classify & Organize Infrastructure data and docs
Increase Quality and Trust

Utilize our iterative process to extract knowledge from data/docs to build object relationships, categorize the data/docs with our engineering library, and utilize the cleansed knowledge to expand the value of O&M Data Silos and increase productivity with our guaranteed ROI.

Iterative Process

Dynamic, interactive, and iterative procedure to manage Digital Handover Rules, expedited with Agile Handover's built-in infrastructure knowledge designed to get you 70% of the way right out of the gate.

Relationship Building

Understands the detailed, dynamic, and complex multi-level data/doc relationships not only within unique infrastructure projects, but also between complex Operations & Maintenance data environments.

Auto Categorization

The Digital Handover Management™ Engine enables classification and re-purposing of information based on needs; understanding the variations created as infrastructure professions classify information.

Engineering Standards

Agile Handover's deep understanding of engineering data and documents simplifies the process of classifying un-organized data and documents.

O&M Silo Integration

Utilize our patented data stitching engine to manage the relationships between O&M Silos for continuous distribution of standardized information to dashboarding platforms; without changing the source O&M Silos.

Return on Investment

Proven to save 60% on enterprise engineering data and document migration efforts. When utilized as a Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program, it can save 65 hours per staff per year in finding trust-worthy data/docs.