Business Partners

Thomas Hinshaw

Thomas Hinshaw  

Thomas is an architect with over 40 years of construction experience and has provided support to governmental agencies at all levels. He is a technical advisor to architects in the production of construction documents from specifications to BIM.

Technology Partners



Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. For more information on Agile Handover's partnership with Autodesk, visit the Autodesk Construction Cloud - Integration Partner Ecosystem

Education Partners

Virginia Tech
Penn State
Texas A&M
University of Florida
Florida International University

Software License Donation

Agile Handover has donated a perpetual subscription of our commercial software solutions for non-commercial use to the following universities.

We are supporting education and research inititives focused on the digital handover management™ process that sits between construction projects and facility management reqeuirements.

We look forward to continuing and expanding our partnership to assist each of these universities in their pursuit of advancing educational excellence.