Autodesk Forge Accelerator participation

09/09 - 09/13, 2019 - Agile Handover was invited to participate in the Autodesk Forge Accelerator Program in NYC to provide quality control and automate the handover of BIM 360 projects into facility O&M Solutions.

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COMIT 2019 - Wizardry - Creating Magical Changes in the full lifecycle of Infrastructure

07/04 - 07/05, 2019 - Fran Rabuck presented cutting edge industry trends for construction as well as how to solve the challenges of automating the continuous handover of facility information into disparte O&M information silos. You can view his presentation here.

Virginia Tech - Lifecycle BIM for Facility Management

03/15/2019 - Agile Handover and Professor Thabet of Virginia Tech, who manages the Virtual Facility Research Lab, teamed up to provide a solution for his advanced class on Lifecycle BIM for Facility Management. The students utilized the Agile Handover Solution to process handover documents and deliver standardized data and documents to facility operations and maintenance teams. The feedback from the students during the Fall 2018 class were positive and the Agile Handover solution will continue to be utilized in future classes, and expanded to include the Agile Handover Revit plug-in to capture and transform BIM data for integration with the data captured from the O&M documents.

CFTA - Campus Facility Tech Conference

07/31 - 08/03, 2018 - Co-Founder Jeff Nolan attended CFTA and received positive feedback on our software solution; which verifies, organizes, and publishes project handovers to O&M Systems. Look forward to working with University Facility Management Teams to solve their handover challenges. - Solution Overview

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BICALLIS - Partnership

05/03/2018 - BICALLIS and Agile Handover have teamed up to provide BICALLIS' clients with an affordable facility information management solution. For additional information, please email BICALLIS

Score - Success Stories

04/09/2018 - Write-Up of our growth over the last year by Score mentor Frank Millheim, whom we have worked with in setting vision and market strategy for Agile Handover. Read the Score Article.

NFMT 2018 - Facilities Management Conference

03/26 - 03/28, 2018 - Attended the National Facilities Management and Technology Conference in Baltimore.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) - Project

10/03/2017 - Currently onsite working with HHMI Janelia's Facility team to organize and enable quick retrieval of their mission critical Operations and Maintenance files for their 281 acre campus in Ashburn, Virginia, which is composed of around 1 million sq. ft. of living, office, and research lab space.

Building Informatics Group - Partnership

08/24/2017 - Began partnership with Building Informatics to augment their BIM2FM process. Utilizing our Desktop and Cloud tools, Building Informatics extracts building information from construction handover documents and drawings and turns it into useful, structured data for lifetime building information management.

EcoDomus - Partnership

07/21/2017 - Began partnership with EcoDomus to process unstructured data (PDF documents) into a structured format utilized by EcoDomus for Lifecycle BIM data management.

Museum of the Bible Facility Tour

06/22/2017 - Co-Founder Jeff Nolan was invited as part of AACEI to a tour of the future Museum of the Bible in DC, set to open in Fall 2017. It is a beautiful building with innovative museum technologies. Looking forward to exploring it once opened.

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Engineering Repository cleansing

06/08/2017 - A brief write-up describing our Engineering Repository cleansing solutions for Facility Managers.

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Buildings Engineering & Facility Maintenance Show

05/09/2017 - Attended the 8th Annual Buildings Engineering & Facility Maintenance Show in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

27th Annual Gov't Procurement Conference

04/19/2017 - Attended the 27th Annual Government Procurement Conference in Washington DC.

NFMT 2017 - Facilities Management Conference

03/07 - 03/09, 2017 - Attended the National Facilities Management and Technology Conference in Baltimore.

ISPE Delaware - 27th Annual Symposium & Exhibition

02/16/2017 - Attended the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering conference.

Automating The Handover of Deliverables - Article

02/10/2017 - Overview of our solution published by the Canada BIM Council. They serve Canada's business voice for working collectively with Building Information Models.

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