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CFTA Webinar – The Morning After

by Agile Handover on

We all have experienced some crisis in our life. The worldwide pandemic of the corona virus coupled with resulting financial challenges has certainly created one of the most stressful and challenging environments for everyone worldwide. Facility Managers and Operators have additional challenges. A closed or almost empty building doesn’t mean your job is on hold.

In fact, you are faced with doing the critical work of maintaining and caring for an empty facility to ensure continued operation as needed and preparation for restarting when the time comes. You almost feel comfortable that you have survived the worst of it. But wait, there’s more coming – it’s the morning after now and your job is about to get really challenging.

These challenges will put the facility manager – front and center – and the main source for providing accurate information. Which one of your data repositories has the most recent document? You will be flooded with questions on every detail. The question is, ‘Are you prepared’?

  • How to organize, index and load existing documents from shared locations for instant access
  • How to locate and manage duplicate and missing documents
  • How to manipulate large PDF submittals for use
  • How to transform extracted data and files for O&M association
  • How to automatically migrate O&M data and files to SharePoint
  • How to view documents in SharePoint with Google like and Synonym Search
  • Find by: Facility, Location, System, Asset, and Equipment type

We will offer a no-cost pilot to Ten (10) CFTA Campus Members.

  • Sixty day access for production testing and validation
  • Access to Agile Handover Lite (Unlimited) and Knowledge Portal Lite (Unlimited)
  • Access to Quick Start Guide that includes: instructions, link to download Agile Handover Lite, instructions for establishing a Knowledge Portal Lite account, and a link to download sample data set
  • Four 2-hour on-line coaching/training sessions