Agile Handover Lite™

O&M friendly tool for quick document access.

Agile Handover Lite™ quickly organizes existing document repositories and posts them automatically to SharePoint, while providing a simple facility navigation interface to find and open the required documents.

Agile Handover Lite™ is developed to be downloaded, run and used to start searching your indexed facility files on day one. Simply point the tool to your existing infrastructure files, define some basic rules, and let Agile Handover Lite's powerful engine classify and organize your documents based on infrastructure logic, and then automatically migrate your documents into SharePoint. The environment comes with Agile Handover's Knowledge Portal Lite to explore the documents.

Utilize Agile Handover Lite™ to:

  Index all your source documents based on O&M logic.
  Migrate and load indexed documents to SharePoint.
  View documents in SharePoint with Google like search.

Contact us for information on how to get started.

Product Specification and Features

Agile Handover Lite™

  Metadata extraction tools
  Discover document duplicates and revisions
  PDF handover manipulation
  Automatically migrate and load to SharePoint

Knowledge Portal Lite

  Unlimited user access
  Google like search to find what is needed
  Opens docs in native viewing apps
  Locate by: facility, area, room, system, equipment type, asset