Questions and Answers

 Who is Agile Handover and what services and solutions do they provide for the facility management (FM) market?

Agile Handover is a software and services company that provides consulting services and related software to enable organized handover and standardization of all data, files, and BIM/GIS/CAD information for the facility operations team. As a general process, we provide a knowledge assessment of your current systems, use tools to extract, normalize, explore and integrate all of your existing documents, and define a standardized and Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program. This program ensures the loading of information into various back-end FM information and data sharing platforms is consistence despite the project inconsistencies.

Agile Handover solves the challenge of integrating facility information consistently into an owners existing systems and delivering real-time results in order to increase overall profitability of a company. We are open to discussions with contractors to partner and use our software.

 What is Agile Handover’s Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program?

Agile Handover partners with the owner to establish a Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program for the full lifecycle of a facility. A handover program is unique to each owner and is established without changing the owner’s current workflow. The Handover Program does not provide overlap or act as a replacement to existing O&M Document or Asset Lifecycle and Work Management Programs.

 What is Agile Handover Lite™?

Agile Handover Lite™ is developed to be downloaded, run and used to start searching your indexed facility files on day one.

 How does a Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program help facility information management?

We consistently hear from owners about the lack of handover strategies. Owners envision having a ready to use project deliverable for loading into their Operations and Maintenance (O&M) environment. On the other end, we hear from the contractors that they don’t have clear requirements from the owners. Agile Handover partners with owners to become the bridge between disparate project deliverables and disparate O&M Silo needs, to deliver an owner-specific handover program to:

1. Increase the quality and consistency of facility information across systems
2. Continuously automate the integration of project information into O&M
3. Standardize the handover process for the FM workforce

 What are the steps to establish a Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program?

Establishing a handover program consists of the following steps:

1. Assess the flow and needs from project handover to O&M
2. Establish normalized facility based names and terms
3. Clean existing information and documentation
4. Connect disparate systems through data relationship building
5. Establish automation systems and tasks for handover of new projects

 If the Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program is for the life cycle of a facility, how does it work with legacy project deliveries?

Legacy project deliverables often have issues like poor naming conventions, out-of-sync multiple edited copies, inconsistencies in file format, file duplication, and more. It is often hard to find and share relevant up-to-date information for O&M uses. Agile Handover provides technology and services to clean the existing project deliverables and create a baseline before a Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program is established. Our specialties in this area makes the clean-up much more efficient and affordable.

 What is the relationship between the Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program and a document management system?

Project deliveries are usually managed in a document management system by project with contractual implications. Organizing project deliveries in a document management system makes it really hard for O&M to locate relevant up-to-date information based on FM needs. The handover program ensures documents in a document management system are easily accessible for O&M purposes. When Agile Handover technology is used in the program, documents can be indexed even within different document management systems, like SharePoint, Dropbox, and others. The indexed documents can be easily linked to existing O&M systems.

 What is the relationship between the Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program and CMMS?

Many CMMS are configured for operations and asset management. The asset registry can easily become out of sync with other systems when new project deliverables come in. On the other hand, new CMMS entries need to be shared with other systems. A Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program ensures the cross accessing and synchronization of CMMS with Document Management and other O&M Solutions.

 What is the relationship between the Continuous Digital Handover Management™ Program and other facility / asset management systems?

See above regarding the relationships with CMMS.

 We already have investments in various FM software, why do I need Agile Handover solution?

We realize the market is full of various automated FM systems. Each of these systems (CMMS, EAM, BAS, IWMS, Space Management, etc.) often operate independently of each other. Data is often entered multiple times in these systems and the desired value of integrated systems is lost. We provide a central catalog for all of your data relationships and can populate and extract related information from many systems in the FM marketplace and share that data with other systems. We provide a single connection hub that can connect to all O&M systems.

Our focus is to help with the most difficult parts of integration – to standardize, integrate, analyze, locate, and distribute all the information to your current systems – all without moving the original files/documents from their source. Agile Handover technology intends to multiply the value of different systems by ensuring each system maintains their ownership of certain data, but can access data they need but is managed and changed by a different system.

 Are you a CMMS, EAM, or other O&M system?

No, we work to provide a continuously update platform of information for many backend systems and keep them updated as new data/documents are handed over to the Facility Manager.

 How can you help if we don’t have a document management system and we may even have paper document?

We have partnerships with organizations to scan paper documents. Our system can then process the digital copy and extract and organize the information automatically or with tools that can help with the manual process. We can help to identify the best-fit document management if needed and we also connect to Windows default file explorer system.

 Do you support BIM, COBie, IFC or other emerging industry standards?

Yes. BIM, COBie and other standards that are being adopted by the construction industry worldwide are supported, but we don’t require a full support of the structure of the standards. We can adapt the structure to meet you long term needs for organization of current information and future structure changes.

Our focus is the information itself, we can put it any industry standard envelope. We provide technology to work with popular BIM products like Revit directly.

 Do you have a case study to refer to?

Yes. You can get the case study here: HHMI Handover Program.

 I am a service provider working with owners. Do you have a partnership program to offer Handover service to my clients?

Yes. Contact us for more information.

 Can you integrate with Revit?

Yes, we integrate directly with Revit and have integrated our platform with BIM 360.

 Can you provide an ROI for using your software?

Yes, we have developed the following metrics with our customers:
1. Integrated processes decrease migration time and cost by up to 60%
2. Provides data access and annual retrieval savings by downstream users by up to 65 hours per staff.

In addition to this, during the Knowledge Assessment phase we can help you with proven and accepted models to calculate your ROI on the handover investment. To get started please take our survey.

 How can your product help me beyond the integration efforts?

Once information is standardized and organized, we can provide other software and services. Since we assemble both explicit relationships of assets and implicit knowledge, we can generate a detailed graphical model of these connections. We call this impact analysis – the ability to see the cascading effects of electrical and mechanical systems on each other to determine the impact of actions (shutdown) on other related systems.

 What is the best time to start working with your systems for handover and integration?

Ideally in the early planning stage of new facilities. We can provide assistance at this early level in how best to organize your assets and plan for a smoother handover. We can also assist with completed and on-going projects to backtrack and integrate handover information into formats usable by your organization. By starting with Agile Handover’s solutions and software, we can assist with Project planning and design to enforce YOUR Data Specification, accelerate the construction and commissioning process, ensure a complete project close-out, and provide an automated delivery system for future owner systems.

 Is the service provided in the cloud or do we need to install our own servers?

Our solution can be delivered in the cloud or as a full install on your site servers.