Agile Handover and Automation Solutions

Transforming Handovers for Operations

Our innovative software solution provides an automated handover process to integrate facility handovers into operations, enabling collaborative handover between O&M Information Silos, standarding Data and Document sharing between existing solutions.

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Harvest knowledge from mission critical records.
Standardize the knowledge to ensure consistency.
Validate the knowledge needed to complete the mission.
Distribute the knowledge to O&M Existing Systems.

" Integrated Handover™ is the first tool that enables us to extract vital building information, quickly, from thousands of construction handover documents and drawings. "
Michael Tardif, Managing Partner, Building Informatics Group

Customer Case Study

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) teamed up with Agile Handover to develop an Owner-Centric Handover Program to integrate facility change into operations. They were able to establish the program 3 times as fast as planned, and now save 12 man hours a day locating data and documents needed to meet their operational mission.

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Facility Knowledge Management

Analyze handover for consistency and completeness.
Manage the facility knowledge change lifecycle.
Maintain O&M Data integritry, accessibility, and connectivity.

Best in Class

Patent-pending Digital Handover Management™ Platform.
Intelligent Data Normalization and Relationship Engine.
Industry leaders in understanding handover challenges.
Customer-Driven Solutions focused on affordability.

Digital Handover Management™ Suite Overview


Handover Definition


Integrated Handover™ Specification Blueprint
Define the owners O&M Requirements

Integrated Handover™ Project Blueprint
Define how to transform deliverables into O&M systems



Handover Processing


Handover Utilization™ Desktop Extractor
Facilitate manual extraction from engineering records

Handover Utilization™ Cloud Extractor
Automate batch extraction from engineering records

Handover Utilization™ Revit Plug-In
Simplify data extraction from BIM Models

Integrated Handover™ Mobile Forms
Standardize data extraction in the field



Handover Utilization


Integrated Handover™ Repository
Organized based on FM Needs
Standardized, Centralized, and Searchable
Distribute to any Document or FM System

Impact Analysis
Visualize equipment dependencies
Manage Shut Down Requests

Total Cost of Ownership
Aggregate cost from different sources
Review cost by category over time

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