Agile Handover

Agile Handover specializes in solving the challenges of re-purposing and exchanging infrastructure-centric data and documents. We have formulated the most efficient way to handover knowledge in regards to:

 The turnover of projects to existing O&M Technology Solutions
 The migration of legacy systems into new state of the art Technology Solutions
 The exchange, sharing, and reference of knowledge between independently configured O&M Silos

Millions of infrastructure documents and data points have been analyzed and properly classified by Agile Handover.

Discover how to utilize a specifically designed Continuous Digital Handover Management Program

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Quickly move facility documents into SharePoint from un-managed Windows or network shared folders

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Helping organizations realize their Asset Digitization strategy, embark on their Digital Twin journey, and realize their Master Data Management vision with Digital Handover Management™

"Managing deliverables at the end of projects can be stressful and time consuming, organization and effective collaboration are keys to successfully managing handovers."

"Integrated Handover Repository will mitigate data loss in construction handover, save time and reduce costs – benefits that all amount to the delivery of a higher quality handover for owners."

"Unless it’s properly organized and managed data can easily be lost at project turnover, which is not useful for owners who have to keep their structures operational for generations."

"Digital Handover Management™ makes it easier for construction teams to collaborate on, capture, organize and manage project data so they can deliver complete turnover packages to owners – referencing them for generations to come."